Best Free Sex Apps That Actually Work.

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Here are the 23 Best Sex Apps for No Strings Attached Sex

There's a dating app out there for everyone. Whether you're looking for casual sex, one night stands or something long-term, there's a hookup app or dating site that will cater to your needs. The only problem is that there are so many dating apps available that's it's difficult to know which ones get results and which ones just leave a gaping hole in both your heart and wallet.

That's why we've done the hard work for you. We've scoured the internet for the best sex dating sites and best hookup apps currently available on the dating scene. Gay, straight, kinky or something else entirely, you'll find your perfect hookup site somewhere on this page. Jump right in now for the ultimate list of the best sex apps currently on the app store.

What Apps Are We Reviewing?

We're going to be looking at the best apps around, some of them you'll be familiar with but many you won't. While no list of the best hookup sites is complete without the likes of Tinder and Bumble, we'll mostly be focusing on apps you might not have heard of before. For those looking for a particular app, here's a quick list of the ones we'll be reviewing:

  1. String - Best for intimate connections

  2. Casualx - Best Tinder alternative

  3. Instasex - Best all round hookup site

  4. Pure - Best for anonymous hook ups

  5. Ship - Best 'hands-off' dating site

  6. Blendr - Best for Facebook hookups

  7. Disckreet - Best for sharing naughty media

  8. Ashley Madison - Best for affairs

  9. HUD - Best for casual arrangements

  10. Sexy Vibes - Best for virtual sex

  11. Tinder - Biggest user base

  12. Feeld - Best for threesomes

  13. Bumble - Best hookup site for women

  14. Wingman - Best for friend dating

  15. Happn - Best for meeting locals

  16. Her - Best for lesbian hook ups

  17. Grindr - Best site for gay men

  18. Seeking - Best sugar daddy dating platform

  19. Coffee Meets Bagel - Best for quality matches

  20. - Best for fetish hookups

  21. Adult Friend Finder - Best adult community

  22. Silver Singles - Best for mature dating

  23. Cougar Life - Best for cougar hookups

Without further ado, let's dive right in and see what's hot and what's not. We guarantee that there's a site for you somewhere on this list.


How does String work?

String is a unique little dating app that helps potential daters connect on a more intimate level than other apps on the market. The reason being that in order to send messages on String, you have to use your voice. There's no texting available whatsoever on here, everything has to be done through your voice alone. It's an interesting little gimmick that really helps String stand out from the crowd.

Why is it one of the best sex apps?

While it might be a little intimidating for some, voice chatting with your potential partner is a great way to make a more emotional connection. We naturally bond more with someone when we hear their voice, so String has transposed this little psychological hack into the world of online dating. Better yet, string is very much a casual dating app, so you'll find that most users on here are just looking for a casual fling.


How does it work?

As the name suggests, Casualx is purely for the casuals. Everyone here is on the same page, and that page is one night stands, friends with benefits and absolute no strings sex. Casualx works very much like Tinder with a swipe-style system, but unlike Tinder, you won't find fake profiles or models plugging their OnlyFans accounts. Just horny sex seekers looking for casual encounters.

Why is it one of the best sex apps?

One of the most attractive features of Casualx is that it's completely free for iPhone users. In today's world, finding a one night stand on a sex app usually costs a pretty penny, but if you're an Apple person then you're in luck. Another reason is that Casualx tends to only attract those on the hunt for instant sex. The word 'dating' rarely makes an appearance here, so if you want adult fun and nothing more, Casualx is for you.


How does Instasex work?

For a tried and tested hook up app that delivers incredible results, is right near the top of the list. This established platform is one of the most active, efficient and enjoyable hookup apps currently available in 2020. It offers a number of ways to interact with other members, both swipe-style and grid-style matching and offers you new potential matches every hour of the day.

Why is Instasex the best hookup app?

Instasex might be the best casual sex app around because of its active user base and its numerous features. Unlike Tinder, you don't just have to spend your entire time swiping. You can meet compatible matches a ton of different ways, and everyone on Instasex just wants the same thing you do - commitment-free hookups. The truth is that Instasex blows most other dating apps, so be sure to check it out if you want easy adult fun.


How does Pure work?

Pure puts anonymity at the forefront of its platform. Every time you log on to the Pure app, you'll be prompted to input your details again. The reason being that your profile only exists for an hour before vanishing. Pure caters to users who are looking for sex within the hour, so you can guarantee that you'll find a potential fuck buddy nearly everytime you log on.

Why is it one of the best sex apps?

Pure's appeal comes from the fact people on there want sex immediately. They're not looking to arrange future dates or meetups, they just want to get down to business immediately. Pure mostly caters to younger users between 18-30, so if you're in that demographic and you're looking for a discreet app with heavy activity, Pure is a fantastic hookup app that delivers time and time again.


How does Ship work?

For those not familiar with modern online terminology, 'ship' means that you really want two other people to get together. And that's exactly how new dating site Ship operates. You put the power in the hands of your friends. You create a group chat on the app, then send potential matches to your friends and they'll do the same to you. It's a relatively novel concept that works providing you have friends on the site too.

Why is it one of the best sex apps?

Ship is a great app that helps other users get laid, meaning that even if you swipe through a few profiles that don't grab your attention, your friends might be happy to take them off your hands. While it's not the best way to find hookups online, it's nice to have someone else do the hard work for you. The app also has chat rooms where you can meet new friends in case your real-life buddies don't use dating sites.


How does it work?

Ever wanted to hook up with one of your Facebook friends? Maybe that hot girl you went to school with, or that naughty chick from your office? Well, this hookup site offers that opportunity. To sign up to Blendr, all you need to do is input your Facebook login details. The app then connects to your Facebook profile and imports your pictures, your personal information and your friends list.

Is Blendr a good hookup app?

Blendr is a fantastic platform that helps you get laid with people you already know, and if you know lots of loose women, the number of potential hookups are off the charts. Once you connect your Facebook profile you'll see all of your friends who are looking for the same thing as you, then it's just a matter of hitting them up and letting them know of your sexual desires. It might make things awkward in the office, or it might result in the best sex you've ever had.


How does it work?

Disckreet is a little different to most dating sites in that it's a platform for you and a pre-existing fuck buddy to safely share your naughty media. On Disckreet, users upload pictures and videos of them getting down and dirty, and those files are then locked in a password-protected folder. Only users who you give the password to can view them. It's the most secure way to keep private photos and videos from leaking to the masses.

Is Disckreet a good dating site?

Disckreet is excellent if you're already in one or more fuck buddy relationships. Even if you're not, you can still use Disckreet as a platform to meet new people, and if you find someone you want to get rutty with, you can provide them easy access to your most intimate photos and videos. As expected, you won't find people looking for serious relationships on here, just horny folks looking to get off.

Ashley Madison

How does Ashley Madison work?

Ashley Madison is a relationship app with a difference, because the only type of relationship it deals with are affairs. Everyone you meet on Ashley Madison is either married, in a relationship, or is looking to sleep with someone who is. The site is big on anonymity and discretion, so expect to find lots of blank profile photos. However, behind these profile photos are horny men and women looking for extramarital fun.

Why is it one of the best sex apps?

Ashley Madison is one of the best hookup sites because married people tend to have a very short window of opportunity when it comes to sleeping around. You'll find women looking for a quick booty call when their husbands are at work, so providing you're in the right place at the right time, you'll find plenty of opportunities to get your end away with someone else's wife or husband. Just be sure to leave your morals at the door.


How does it work?

HUD's tagline is 'why limited yourself to one person at a time?' and that should tell you everything you need to know about this hookup site. Users want one thing and one thing only, and the app takes every step to make it happen. HUD doesn't ask for a whole lot in the way of personal information, just your age, location and sexual preferences. After that, you're free to start roaming.

Is HUD good for casual hookups?

HUD is very good for casual sex because it has a relaxed, anonymous vibe that attracts the more promiscuous crowd. Some people don't care about your job, income or your hobbies - they just want what's in your pants. If that's alright by you, HUD is a nifty little online dating site that'll get you laid one anonymous at a time. HUD is also pretty big with the LGBTQ community too.

Sexy Vibe

How does it work?

Virtual sex is all the rage these days. Check out any porn site and you'll find VR sex videos, interactive pornstars, and even adult video games. Sexy Vibes takes things to the next level by putting someone else in charge of your sexual pleasure. Not only that, but this 'someone else' could be a complete stranger you've only just met. It's the closest thing you'll get to a virtual hook up.

Why is it one of the best sex apps?

After you initiate contact with someone on Sexy Vibes, you can give them the option to control the vibrations of your phone. You're then free to put your phone against your nether regions and let someone else stimulate you through the magic of technology. Sexy Vibes has found a way of turning photos into remote-controlled sex toys, which certainly makes this hookup app one of the most unique around.


How does Tinder work?

Even people who've been married for 20 years have heard of Tinder. It's probably the most famous hookup site of all, revolutionizing the way we meet potential partners with its efficient swiping system. Sure, Tinder has been around for a while, but it's still one of the most active and successful hookup sites in the game today. For commitment free dating, Tinder is a safe bet.

Why is it one of the best swiping apps?

Tinder's most attractive feature is the fact it boasts a whopping 50 million worldwide users. The Tinder user base is basically a small country, meaning your chances of finding potential dates on here are absolutely massive. The only downside is that Tinder has become more of an all-round casual dating app in recent years, meaning there are less people looking for instant fun as there used to be. You'll also need a paid subscription to get the most out of it.


How does it work?

No strings sex is one thing, but a casual threesome is a completely different ballpark. If you're looking for like-minded people to share a bed with, and we mean 'people' plurally, then Feeld is the hookup site for you. Everyone on here is looking for multi-person activity, and when you sign up, you'll be asked to put in the composition of your relationship (single, straight couple, gay couple, etc).

Why is it one of the best hookup sites?

Finding a threesome is pretty difficult in the real world, especially if you're single. That's what makes Feeld such an appealing platform. It's purely about the threesomes, and there's a whole host of coupled-up folks looking for an extra person to join them in the bedroom. There's no chance of finding a one-on-one hook up on Feeld, but why settle for one when two is an option?


How does it work?

Take Tinder, add a time limit, and you've got Bumble. Bumble markets itself as a 'feminist app' because when you match with someone on here, it's up to the woman to start the conversation. Not only that, but after matching, you only have 24 hours to chat with your potential sex partner before you're unmatched. It adds a little bit of urgency to the swiping and matching system, which we can honestly say is an improvement.

Why is it one of the best sex apps?

Bumble prompts its users to start chatting immediately. Therefore, most users only swipe through potential matches when they're in the mood for love, meaning everyone you chat with is ready to get nasty right away. Bumble also tackles the issue of message-bombardment, since it's one of the main reasons women quit online dating. For quick no strings attached sex, Bumble is one app you should check out.


How does it work?

Wingman works a little like Blendr, but this time, you're only putting your love life in the hands of one friend as opposed to several. After you sign up to Wingman, you then give full control over to a trusted companion and they'll do all of the swiping, matching and even conversing for you. It's then up to them to arrange a date for you and let you take the reigns.

Is Wingman good for casual sex?

While Wingman isn't the best platform for no strings sex, it's still a fantastic way to meet people. The main advantage is that someone else does the hard work for you, so provided you trust them with your information, you can sit back and wait for the dates to roll in. Sneakily, a lot of men actually just pretend to be someone else when using the app, but if gets you laid then what's the problem?


How does it work?

Finally, something that makes geography fun. When you sign up to Happn, the app then tracks your movements as you go about your daily life. It will then notify you if you've crossed paths with a potential match who also has the app. This useful little gimmick ensures that you and your potential new lover are within meeting distance of each other.

Is Happn a good dating app?

Happn is one of the best hookup sites because you're guaranteed to only match with people in the immediate vicinity. No more midnight drives to the big city and back. With Happn, you'll only meet people who frequent the same haunts as you. Happn is also very progressive in that it promotes safe sex and security when meeting people for the first time.


How does it work?

Her is a place for queer women to find no strings sex with other like-minded ladies. It works the same as Tinder, with a swipe and matching system to meet potential hook up partners. Once you make a mutual match, you're free to begin chatting and unleashing all that pent-up sexual energy. Her is loaded with real members, heavy activity and lots of horny ladies looking for casual fun.

Why is it one of the best sex apps?

Strangely, there are very few other sites that specialize in lesbian hookups. And there are zero with the same activity levels as Her. That's what makes this platform the number one place to go if you're a gay woman looking for other queer people to spend the night with. You won't find a long term partner on here, but you'll find someone to get between your legs at a moment's notice.


How does it work?

Gay men look no further. If there's one app that pretty much guarantees a one night stand, it's Grindr. This app has been a mainstay in the gay dating scene for years now, thanks to its constant stream of activity from thrill-seeking gents, young and old. Unlike Tinder, Grindr doesn't utilize a swipe system, instead allowing its members to browse profiles freely and send unlimited messages.

Why is it one of the best hookup apps?

Grindr is basically Instasex for gay men, so it's no surprise it's got such a vast user base. At any one time, you can expect around 5 million other users on the platform, meaning there are no shortage of hookup opportunities coming your way. Best of all, Grindr is one of the few gay dating apps that don't require a paid membership to use in full. If you want to get lost in a sea of promiscuous guys, Grindr is the best answer.


How does it work?

Sugar daddy dating is big business in the modern world. Wealthy men all across the globe are happy to exchange cash for a little naughty companionship, and young women are happy to oblige them. It's a mutually beneficial relationship, if a little transactional, but the popularity of sites like Seeking prove that it's fast becoming an effective way to hook up.

Why is it one of the best dating apps?

If you've got a hefty bank account, Seeking pretty much guarantees that one of the hot babes on here will take up your offer. Not only is it super easy to get laid (providing you have the funds), but sugar babies tend to be young, gorgeous ladies who go to great lengths to keep themselves in shape. That means you'll definitely be getting the most for your money.

Coffee Meets Bagel

How does it work?

Hooking up isn't always about quantity. Sometimes, you need to factor in quality too. That's exactly what Coffee Meets Bagel does. Rather than making you swipe or scroll through endless profiles, CMB only gives you two matches every day. Like them? Start chatting. Don't? Then wait until the next day and see who pops up. It's a simple but effective way to create connections and definitely gets results.

Why is it one of the best sex apps?

Given that you only get two potential matches per day, it facilitates conversations more. You're not distracted by potential other matches, meaning you're more likely to invest a little time in getting to know the other person. Surprisingly, this absolutely results in hookups too, because you're both more likely to feel comfortable with each other. It's not the fastest way to get laid, but it will get you in someone else's bed eventually.

How does it work?

Got a kinky side? Looking for someone to bend over your knee? Then is the place to be. This hookup app is for the doms and subs who want a little fetish activity along with their casual sex. When you sign up to, you'll be asked to put in your particular preferences; dom, sub, switch, and your specific fetishes. Once you do, you'll be matched with people who share your kinky desires.

Why is it one of the best sex apps?

The fetish community isn't really known for its impulsive hook ups. Usually, kinksters prefer getting to know someone before diving into bed. However, bucks the trend and brings these naughty sex seekers together for fetishistic fun. If you've got a particular desire and you're looking to indulge it on a whim, you'll find a partner on here without issue.

Adult Friend Finder

How does Adult Friend Finder work?

Adult Friend Finder is more than just a hookup site, it's a whole community of adult fun. Not only is it one of the most active dating platforms in the world, but it features chat rooms, forums, blogs and of course, plenty of frisky members looking for a good time. Signing up to Adult Friend Finder is quick and easy, and you can get lost in its extensive features completely for free.

Why is Adult Friend Finder one of the best hook up apps?

The main reason Adult Friend Finder is such a force to be reckoned with is due to its extensive features. Instead of relying on one-to-one messaging to meet potential partners, you can make conversation with them in chatrooms or forums instead. You'd be surprised at how effective this can be when trying to find local hookups. In the same way, it will get you laid pretty easily.

Silver Singles

How does Silver Singles work?

Old people want sex too. If you're 40+, Silver Singles is a top platform to find easy lays. The app works like a classic dating site, allowing users to browse through profiles of local people and strike up conversation as they see fit. There's no swiping or matching to worry about. As expected, all of the users are on the older side with the average age being 55.

Why is Silver Singles one of the best sex apps?

Dating as an oldie can be difficult. It's not like you can just hit the clubs and expect to find people in your age range. That's what makes Silver Singles such an excellent platform; it brings all of the horny middle-agers together for a good time, with no bratty youngsters in sight. When it comes to mature hookups, there aren't many platforms that can compete with this one.

Cougar Life

How does Cougar Life work?

Cougar Life is a pretty straightforward hookup site, but it comes with a twist. All of the frisky ladies on here are tried and tested cougars, aka women who have a thing for young meat. If you're on the younger side and you want to connect with a mature hottie or two, Cougar Life is the place to come. Think Plenty of Fish but with no young chicks in sight.

Why is Cougar Life one of the best dating apps?

Let's just say that older women certainly know a thing or two about sex. If you're a young guy looking for a bedroom experience like no other, Cougar Life will award you plenty of opportunities to make it happen. While the site requires a paid membership to use in full, it's definitely worth the price of admission given the amount of sex-loving matures on here.